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Hello Beautiful!

I wish you could see my face as I type this welcome message for the relaunch of this blog! I’m smiling… BIG! I’m just so happy to restart two of my favourite things: blogging and inspiring you!

If you were following me on my old blog page, www.242blqrze.blogspot.com, then WELCOME to my new page, 242blqrze.com! I wanted to return to you fresh, new and beautiful!

If you’re new to my blogging world, I’m happy you decided to join the party. I created this new site specifically with you in mind.

My goal, for 242BlqRze, is to bring out your inner and enhance your outer beauty; to help you find the beauty in life and to create a community of girlfriends empowering one another to respect and love themselves.

So visit this blog anytime. Let’s talk about Makeup, Fashion, Hair, and DIY Projects. And, if there’s anything personal you want to discuss just drop me a message on the contact page.

My 2015 mantra is, “Stay Beautiful”. Say it with me…“STAY BEAUTIFUL”! Good, you gat it!

So let’s make it a beautiful 2015 as we bloom into Beautiful Black Roses, one blog post at a time.




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I love dinners, traveling and new experiences. And guess what?  I’m taking you with me wherever I can! So grab your ID (for the parties), your passport (for the travels) and your bestie (for the memories). You don’t want to miss any of the fun and exciting must do’s, especially here in the Bahamas! This is my “Lifestyle” page. My LIFE in STYLE!

Hair Journey

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Hey beautiful,

In 2013, I started a hair journey. My aim? To grow my hair to my waist. I washed and treated it on time, moisturized and sealed it with oils every night!

In 2014, I  became busier with work and life. As a result, my hair routine slowed down and eventually stopped. But now, its 2015 and I’m back on it! Hair journey reloaded!

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love a good weave in or wig cap! So I’ll be posting my latest hairstyles, hair journey milestones and how to maintain healthy hair with or without extensions or wigs.

Beauty Tips


To be beautiful…

Here’s a tip. Look in your mirror. Now, SMILE! There…you’ve found your beauty. Now let’s magnify it.

Every week I’ll share my favourite beauty products, tips and tricks with you. I’ll show you how to highlight your favourite features and enhance your not so favourite features. I’ll make the tips and tricks easy to do…though they won’t be hard anyway, because you’re already beautiful…


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Hello Beautiful!

Welcome back to 242BlqRze and if you’re new here, WELCOME girlfriend!

I saw a really cute, but honest, meme on Instagram the other day. It said, “This isn’t even my real style. I can’t afford my real style.”

Could you imagine if we could afford our real style?! Well, until I can afford to show you my “real” style, I want to show you my personal style, everyday style, day to night style, affordable style and so much more! So just click here when you want some style inspiration for any occasion. I’m sure I’ll have something to inspire you.

Fashion Tips

Hey girl,

After following my passion to become a fashion stylist, I learnt what to wear for your body type, age, complexion, occasion and more. As a result, I want to share my professional styling tips with you; and I hope that as you learn, you’ll share them with your friends and family. That way we’ll all be stylish girls, no hate, no drama! Just peace, love and fashion.

Check out my video – 5 Ways to go from Simple to Stylish:

Open Diary

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Everyday won’t be a good day to blog about, but some days will be awesome! So here’s my OPEN DIARY.

Here’s where I’ll tell you all about the $100 bill I found on the side walk, the flowers I received at work, the scripture that made me cry or the stranger that changed my life.

I don’t know which day it’ll be, but whenever it happens… IF it happens…you’ll be one of the first to know!

Skin Care

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Can I tell you a secret? I’ve been chasing perfect skin for YEARS! I’m obsessed with it and I’m determined to achieve it.

I’ve tried almost every skin care line from Proactiv to Neutrogena. However, I think my real problem was inconsistency. So now, I’m embarking on a skin care journey and I’m taking you with me. That way we can keep each other focused, accountable and motivated. Are you in?