Up Close and… PURSENAL!

Hello Beautiful,

There is a new trend brewing in Paradise and this one is Personal to Me!

As a Fashion Girl, many would think my first love is clothes. But its actually shoes. And my second love is actually bags, and clutches! Then its clothes…

Well, I recently discovered my new favourite Bag and Clutch brand, Pursenal Paradiyse, and this is personal to Me because the designer and brand is all BAHAMIAN! Ya’ll know I love and represent the 242, My Bahamas!

D’Letha Nairn, caught my attention with her hand painted art, of some of my favourite “Bahamian Tings”, on contrasting coloured clutches on Instagram. A friend of mine had raved about the purses, but it wasn’t until I looked for myself that I was truly amazed. The purses reminded me of the Gucci Dionysus Bags and the Gucci Ghost Collection. You know the ones with the spray paint design that says “REAL Gucci”?! Yea… those! However, her design are more like art…wall paintings… on a purse!

The Flamingo Clutch was my first purchase. It’s a dark blue clutch with our national bird, The Pink Flamingo, painted on it. Soon as I got it, I was determined to wear it and I found it to be perfect for a causal night out outfit that weekend.

Pursenal ParaDiyse Flamingo Clutch
Rocking My Flamingo Clutch from Pursenal ParaDiyse at the OctoberFest Popcaan Concert in Nassau, Bahamas

The clutches are so funky and artistic, they add so much personality to a simple outfit. Oh! and they’re big enough to fit your cell phone, wallet, make-up compact, lipstick, and sunglasses!


The next clutch I purchased was a white clutch with the Chain of Islands of The Bahamas painted in black! Black and White is a classy combination and the simplicity of the design is perfect for any outfit you may have in mind.

Pursenal ParaDiyse Chain of Islands Clutch

I wore my second clutch to dinner and it complimented my little black dress and scrappy heels perfectly! Visit my Instagram page to see more pics of me rocking my clutches.

I intend to purchase a few more clutches, for myself and my friends and family! I may also give one away to my subscribers! Comment below and let me know if you’d like to win one.

For more designs and prices from Pursenal ParaDiyse click here.

Until next time Beautiful!



||Hair It Is||… Back on My HAIR Journey w. Waves Hair Studio

Hello Beautiful,

I’m so excited that more and more of you are joining my journey… my SECOND hair journey!

I’m even more excited that many of you are starting YOUR OWN hair journey, and planning to grow your hair long and healthy!

Well, before I started my new hair journey, I watched my hair go from beautiful, to bad to HORRIBLE! My hair and scalp were dry, my hair was brittle and breaking, it still had some length but it wasn’t growing and lastly it was becoming very, very thin! I was frustrated and honestly… depressed over my hair.

So, I made up my mind one day to kick start my hair journey by visiting an elite hair salon in Nassau, Bahamas called Waves Hair Studio. I decided to treat myself to EXCELLENT hair care by one of their Cosmetologist, Aline Cassandra. I’ve worked with Aline before on a photo shoot that I styled, and I was very impressed with her hair care. So I decided to have here revive my hair before I began my hair journey…for the second time.

When I walked into the salon my hair needed a perm, I must have been about a month and a week post relaxer. My hair looked like this:

I was almost embarrassed to have my hair in such bad condition, but Aline examined my hair carefully and decided on what relaxer, and treatment my hair needed. Then she began to prep my hair for the relaxer. She separated my here into sections, then based and pre-treated my hair with a silicon or gelly like treatment to protect my hair from the relaxer:

Then it was time to apply the relaxer. But first! Let me take a selfie…


Aline used an Affirm relaxer and a soft rubber spatula to apply it. I thought the spatula was so cool! Because of the soft rubber tip my scalp was not irritated and did not burn. That was the FIRST TIME I had a relaxer and did not burn!


The relaxer did not take long at all to break down my new growth, and in no time I was at the shampoo bowl. However before she rinsed off my relaxer, she informed me that she would rinse the relaxer, then treat my hair and THEN used a neutralizer. Normally people would relax, neutralize, then treat. But her reason for doing it the other way was because a neutralizer closes the hair follicles after the relaxer opens them and she didn’t want to reopen the hair follicles for the treatment. So she treated my hair first, then neutralized it.

Here I am at the shampoo bowl:

IMG_0085_2 IMG_0088_2 IMG_0091_2 IMG_0092_2

After a nice scalp massage, and nearly falling a sleep at the shampoo bowl, it was back in the chair for my cut and results. Yes! I asked Aline to even my hair, by cutting it to its shortest point or side. I was anxious and excited but I knew it was necessary.


Aline didn’t want to cut so much of my hair, but I insisted on getting rid of all the damaged, over-processed, dry ends. So, when she was completely done cutting my hair looked like this:


After she was satisfied with the cut, Aline roller set my hair in big rollers using the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum that controls frizz and serves as a heat protectant…


and placed me under the dryer.


Oh! And I even had a little coffee courtesy of the salon…


Hunnie! I was loving my day at that salon… Can you tell? Lol.

Ok, so after my hair dried completely she removed the rollers and styled it into loose curls. Here is the finish look of my relaxer, treatment, cut and roller set:



I loved the way my hair felt when she was done. My hair was light, soft and had lots of body for days after my relaxer.

So now, I’m even more excited and motivated to grow my hair long, but also to maintain its health and thickness!

Comment below and let me know if you’re on a hair journey, and what helped you kick start your regimen!

Stay Beautiful,



Hello Beautiful!

I’m determined to grow My Hair to MY WAIST! I started my hair journey back in 2013, and was just about waist length but life got so hectic I discontinued my hair regimen and my hair suffered!

Anyways, I’m back on it! Recently I purchased almost ALL the items I would need to get started. Click here to watch my RELAXED HAIR JOURNEY PRODUCT HAUL video on Youtube.

Here is a List of the Products I’ll be using on My Hair Journey, and what I’ll be using them for.

1. A Moisturizing Shampoo : Elasta QP CREME CONDITIONING SHAMPOO

2. A Clarifying Shampoo: ORS (Organic Root Stimulator) CREAMY ALOE SHAMPOO

3. A Moisturizing Conditioner: V05 MOISTURIZING CONDITIONER

4. A Moisturizing Deep Conditioner (Treatment): Elasta QP DPR – 11+

5. A Protein Conditioner (Treatment): ORS (Organic Root Stimulator) REPLENISHING CONDITIONER

6. A Leave-In Conditioner: Elasta QP LEAVE-IN H2 CONDITIONER

7. Moisturizer(s): Moisturizing or Protein: Elasta QP OLIVE OIL & MANGO BUTTER MOISTURIZER


9. A Wide Teeth Comb

10. Satin/Silk Scarf or Bonnet or Pillow Case

11. Pre-Shampoo Treatment: Ashley Lynn RASPBERRY MINT OIL

I will be starting my NEW hair journey with these products, and will be letting you know how they’re making my hair feel. If you’re on a hair journey too, comment below and let me know what products you’re using! 🙂

Stay Beautiful,


||Hair It Is||… HOW TO: Build a Hair Regimen

The first and most important step to building a structured hair regimen is knowing what your own hair needs and can tolerate. Everyone’s hair is beautifully different! What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Therefore it is important that you build your hair regimen around your hair needs and the time you have available to dedicate to your hair.

However, there are some BASICS that apply to ALL hair regimens, the difference is in the strength of the product and how much your own hair needs.

1. A Moisturizing Shampoo
Usage: 1-2x Weekly

2. A Clarifying Shampoo
Usage: 1-2x Monthly

3. A Moisturizing Conditioner
Usage: 1-2x Weekly

4. A Moisturizing Deep Conditioner (Treatment)
Usage: After every wash, depending on what your hair needs.

5. A Protein Conditioner (Treatment)
Usage: After every wash, depending on what your hair needs.

6. A Leave-In Conditioner
Usage: After every wash, and/or daily for moisture.

7. Moisturizer(s): Moisturizing or Protein
Usage 1-2x Daily

8. Natural Oils
Usage: 1-2x Daily

9. A Wide Teeth Comb

10. Satin/Silk Scarf or Bonnet or Pillow Case
Based on the list below and the recommended usage, you can now form a schedule for your shampoo washes, co-washes, treatments, and relaxes (if you have relaxed hair).

Always examine your hair after introducing it to products and methods. This way you know what is working and what is not (shedding, breakage, dryness). Remember, only through trial and error you’ll know what REALLY works for your hair!

I hope this post was beneficial for you and made it easy for you to start your hair journey!

If you have any questions please comment below!! #hhj! 🙂