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Hello Beautiful…

It’s FINALLY getting cold in the 242! Our winter is always 2 months late and never stays long. However whenever it gets cold I always suffer from DRY, CHAP lips.

Anyways, I did my research and found that a few Household items were all I need to restore my lips and make them kissably soft and smooth again. So I want to share this easy and inexpensive beauty tip with You… just in time for Valentine’s Day, the day of non-stop smooching!

Here’s What You’ll Need and Why:


k2-_73d84ec4-f208-4a35-996a-6dc93eca3301.v1Sugar is the prime ingredient in this DIY lip scrub as it gently exfoliates or buffs away any dry, chapped, or dead skin from the lips. Sugar is also a natural humectant, which means it draws moisture into the skin and will keep the lips hydrated.


cherry chapstick

Chapstick is used as a moisturizer in this DIY lip scrub. Coconut oil is also a good moisturiser for this mix. However, chapstick adds colour and scent to the lip scrub if you chose a fruity flavour.



Honey is an age old home ingredient for facials. Honey is added to this lip scrub to soften the lips… and for a little sweet taste. Also, if you have dark lips, a regular routine of rubbing your lips with Honey will lighten them up!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil:


EVOO is my personal most favourite home skin care ingredient and it is perfect for a lip scrub because it has antioxidants to fight free radicals. Free radicals that are found in the air and can cause damage to skin cells. EVOO rejuvenate the lips and is another boost of moisture in this mix.

Some popular Lip Exfoliants can cost you about $10 a pop and only last for a month or two. Making your own Lip Scrub is more cost effective, a lot more healthier and fun! You simply can’t put a price on that.

So start mixing and scrubbing Your lips today, leave your scrub on for 2/3 minutes daily or until You’re satisfied with the results, and by Valentine’s Day your lips will be so soft, You would want to KISS YOURSELF!  Click Here to watch how I made My own Lip Scrub. I hope You enjoyed this Bedside Beauty Tip.

Stay Beautiful!

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